The moving story of Rekha, India's first and final authorized fisherwoman - Read It Here !!


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The moving story of Rekha, India's first and final authorized fisherwoman

India's first and final authorized fisherwoman  the moving story of Rekha

At the point when KC Rekha began to look all starry eyed at Karthikeyan, she needed to battle the position framework with no help from either family. In the a long time since, she has battled against a lot of taboos and social marks of shame and remains steadfast as the first and final fisherwoman in India. 

The couple hails from Thrissur, Kerala where the family's essential method of pay is from angling. Be that as it may, 10 years prior, Karthikeyan couldn't go angling as his deckhand quit and they didn't have the cash to enroll another one. Out of need, Rekha chose to be her better half's deckhand.
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Image Credit – Hindustan Times

Despite the fact that Karthikeyan remained by her, kin in the Chettuva town did not favor of it. They trusted that a lady's place is in the shore appealing to God for her significant other and men in the family to return safe from the ocean. 

That did not stop Rekha as she overcame the ocean as well as ocean infection with the goal that she and her better half together can convey nourishment to home and deal with their four little girls. In a meeting with Manorama, she stated, 

"The first occasion when I went out on the pontoon, I was multiplying over with sickness. I simply lay on the floor of the watercraft depleted and thinking about whether this would work by any stretch of the imagination." 

With time, Rekha has become great at what she is doing, be it laying the net or understanding propensities for angles. Discussing her to Hindustan Times, her significant other stated, 

"She is superior to me in doing that. She can give you lessons on the propensities and ways of fish, for example, sardine, fish, mackerel and ocean bass."
Inevitably, the villagers have additionally grappled with having a fisherwoman in their town. Rekha was congratulated by The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) couple of months back and she likewise holds the principal fisherwoman's permit and the special case that the nation needed to issue up until this point.

Source - Your Story

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