India's first lady driver's excursion of battling male controlled society and destitution - Read It Here !!


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India's first lady driver's excursion of battling male controlled society and destitution

India's first lady driver's excursion of battling male controlled society and destitution

Vasanthakumari began driving at 14 years old when she was not by any means mature enough to get a permit. Around then, she did it for the excite she received in return and did not realize that her it would help her encourage and bolster her family years after the fact. She turned into a driver with Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation in 1993 and is said to be the principal lady driver in India and most likely in Asia as well. 
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Indeed, even today, ladies, as a rule, don't incline toward making a trip to work in a transport on the off chance that they can discover different methods for transport as they feel more defenseless against lewd behavior. In any case, Vasanthakumari triumphed despite seemingly insurmountable opposition to take up a calling that was picked just by a modest bunch of ladies all inclusive.

Vasanthakumari lost her mom when she was a baby and her dad remarried compelling her to grow up with an auntie. Discussing her initial a long time in a meeting to The Hindu, she stated, 

"At 19 years old, I was offered to a widower with four little girls. My significant other dealt with a development site and his salary was insufficient to help every one of us."
In the wake of having two children, she joined a Mahila Mandram in the place where she grew up Kanyakumari where individuals, who knew about her driving aptitudes, recommended to her to apply for an occupation as a driver. She quickly got a substantial vehicle permit not understanding that it was a calling to a great extent saved for men. 

Despite the fact that she was turned down a great deal of times, she didn't surrender. Simultaneously, she met late J Jayalalitha, who was then the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. As per The Times of India, she stated, 

"I disclosed to her that I needed to drive a transport. She was energized by the thought and asked the vehicle service authorities to lead a meeting and forward the record to the CM's office."
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Image Source: Facebook
Despite being the first woman driver in TNSTC, she did not get or expect any special concession. Until she retired two months back, she was driving along the same route as her male counterparts.
For taking up something that most women did not even think was possible at that time, she received the Woman Achiever Award last year in Chennai. And she does not want to give up driving even though she retired two months back. Her plan is to start a driving school for women.
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